Jay Stine, Pastor
cell: 903-276-8923
Jay Stine and his wife, Angie have been married for 22 years. They have three wonderful children Chris, Anthony and Kaylee. Chris attends UACCH in Texarkana and Anthony is in his Freshman year at East Texas Baptist University. Kaylee is embarking on her first year in Junior High.

Note from the Pastor,                              
   We believe that it is because of God’s unconditional love towards us that we are able to experience joy, peace and hope for the days that lie ahead.  As a Church that represents Christ, we know that we are here for a purpose much greater than ourselves.  As a family, we come together unified by the Truth of the Gospel and the love of Christ.  Believing these truths, we know that there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. My prayer is that as you visit with us you come to understand the Love of God, the Truth that frees us of our past, and the strength of a loving family.  I would like to thank you for allowing us to share some of our heart with you during this time of seeking God’s will.
                                    In Christ, Bro. Jay